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Plazma Burst

If you fancy violent games, then Plazma Burst is the game for you. The game has a solo mode, a multiplayer feature and really appealing graphics. It is a fast moving side scrolling shooter game with extreme violence and rap doll physics. The game has sixteen different challenging levels that require a player to come up with techniques or strategies to avoid being shot. Different routes take players through different levels which makes the game more interesting when trying to figure out which route to take in order to counter the enemy.

The Game Play: Plazma Burst is primarily a computer game. A player’s objective in the fast paced game is to attack and destroy all the enemies in every level in order to complete it. You can only buy armors and weapons in the game but not grenades. However in the entire game you can only have 5 grenades which are given to you automatically when you start the game. So it would be important to use them wisely if you are to successfully defeat your enemies. Players are allowed to choose their own difficulty level when playing the game.


Plazma Burst


Plazma Burst gets to the real action straight way, so it might take a trial or two to master the controls if you are new to it. Keep in mind that the game caters for a wide audience, so the violence and the gore can be toned down for audiences that are a bit younger.

-The Arrows or the WASD moves the character. Use the Mouse buttons to aim and shoot when attacking.

-For defense you can use the space bar to jump or duck around. You can select a melee weapon with a combination of 1, 2,3.

-Q selects the last weapon that you used while V drops the weapon. E uses items when playing and G brings out your grenades.

-Use X when taking a fall and use Z when you want to enable warp while playing. P pauses the game, C activates the kinetic module while Esc brings the menu out.